About Aussie Floor Kings

What We Do

Aussie Floor Kings is a family-owned carpentry and timber flooring company that’s been in operation since the early 90’s. Over the past few decades, we’ve refined our techniques and used only the best technologies and materials to do our work. Indeed, we’ve always been at the forefront of our industry. Now, we’re ready to transform your home by giving you the floors of your dreams.


We offer timber floor polishing, sanding, staining, and restoration work for both interior and exterior floors. We can tackle staircases, multi-level constructions, unusually shaped rooms, speciality flooring, you name it. Whatever your Newcastle home needs, however old it is, we can turn your dull, scratched, or uneven floors into works of art.

Our Mission

It is our mission to help our customers improve the space they live in! We know the importance of having a comfortable, secure home. Flooring that’s dull and out of shape can be hard to maintain, unsightly to look at, and unpleasant to walk on. We want to see your Newcastle home be in its best shape.

All the techniques, materials, and technologies we use at Aussie Floor Kings are designed to achieve the best possible results for your flooring projects. We’ve devoted three decades of our family’s endeavours to perfecting our craft. We want to share it with as many Newcastle homeowners as possible.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which all Newcastle homeowners can walk on floors that are perfectly finished and ultra-durable. The perfection we strive for comes from our experience combined with the best tools and machinery from around the world. We won’t settle for less than total customer satisfaction, and we aim to provide optimal-quality work at a price that makes sense. Our family values revolve around your comfort.

At Aussie Floor Kings, we believe in continually bettering ourselves and our work for the benefit of our customers. In our minds, timber flooring is a crucial part of a house and deserves the best care and technique. If you’d like to raise the value of your investment and give your family a comfortable, luxurious experience, choose us for your flooring project. We won’t let you down.

Meet Our Team

As a family-owned business for more than 30 years, Aussie Floor Kings brings a uniquely innovative and caring approach to our work. We know floors. Now, it’s time for you to know us.

Artisan Flooring Contractor & Director

James Berry

James started his career in Floor Sanding and Polishing in 2008 with his father Craig who has been in the industry since the early 1980s. In 2011 James commenced his TAFE Cert in flooring & technology to further his skills and onsite eidetic to becoming a qualified flooring contractor.

Having already enough knowledge and understanding of the industry James was fast tracked through his TAFE qualification and completed his certification by late 2012 by then James was heavily involved in the industry working 6 days a week throughout the suburbs of Newcastle and surrounds restoring timber floors, installing timber floors and using professional finishes creating the end results his clients hired him for.

James has a strong passion for floor sanding and polishing and could see the benefits of his work and what it could bring for himself and clients. Fast forward to 2016 James took over the family business and still to this day James has been using the same fundamentals he was brought up on.

Second generation flooring contractor incorporating the methods of the early 1980s and applying those skills with the latest flooring technology on the market to showcase to you a floor that is unrivalled.