Which Should Come First: Floor Sander or House Painting

This is a common question but the answer isn’t as clear cut as it might seem. There are pros and cons to both of these projects, so the best way to decide which project should come first is by asking yourself some questions about your house and what you want your end goal for it to be.

Refinishing floors and interior walls are two home remodelling and building projects that usually happen around the same time. When scheduling, should you paint the walls before or after refinishing the floors? It’s not an easy decision, and each side has its merits. Much of it depends on shifting factors, too, some of which may be particular to your own project.

Here are the pros for sanding the floors before painting the walls

  • It will be a lot easier to match the paint colour to the floor.
  • If damage to the walls happens when you are sanding the floors it is easier to paint over than doing it the other way around.
  • The dust created from sanding will not affect the newly dried paint.

But there are some cons to starting a floor sanding project before painting your walls

  • There is the risk of wet paint dripping onto your new floor if not protected correctly
  • Preparation for paint is a lot larger task as drop sheets will need to be fitted correctly all around the fresh new floor

If you have no floor coverings or just a subfloor, then paint the walls and ceiling before refinishing the floors. Paint with pure freedom, even if you use a paint sprayer. Spillages usually don’t cause much damage. So in this case, the decision is practically made for you already.

Another factor to consider is which surface’s appearance is more permanent: the floor or the walls? The colour of the wall can be changed in a weekend. But it is more difficult to change the colour of the floor.

When you paint, it can drip. If you get the paint on a floor that is done and sealed, if you get there in a few seconds, then the drop will not be seen. But some drips are hard to take off. And even if they are removed, the pigment can still stain your finished floor’s surface.

Really the final decision comes down to you and your set of circumstances with home renovation. If you are unsure about what job to undertake first feel free to reach out to our team and we would be more than happy to assist.